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Do Financial Crises Matter for Nonlinear Exchange Rate and Stock Market Cointegration? A Heterogeneous Nonlinear Panel Data Model with PMG Approach

Mosab I. Tabash    
Umaid A. Sheikh    
Ali Matar    
Adel Ahmed and Dang Khoa Tran    


The existing literature has explained the causality flow from the exchange rates toward the stock market without explaining the role of the economic crisis in effecting this nexus. This study examines the role of the financial crisis in affecting the nonlinear causality flowing from the exchange rates toward the stock market indexes of the ASEAN-5 region. The precrisis, postcrisis, and overall sample duration comprised 365, 650, and 1085 observations over the periods from January 2002 to January 2008, January 2010 to January 2020, and January 2002 to January 2020, respectively. The results showed that the conventional symmetrical panel ARDL (PARDL) model was not able to formulate long-run cointegration between currency value fluctuations and stock market indexes for both regimes, i.e., the post recessionary and pre recessionary periods. However, asymmetrical cointegration was established between the currency values and stock market indexes for the pre recessionary period and the overall sampling time frame by utilizing the panel-based NARDL framework (PNARDL). The study suggests practical implications for the exporters and importers to consider the regime as well as both the negative and positive shocks in the international dollar values while making forward contractual agreements.

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