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Insulator Defect Detection Based on YOLOv8s-SwinT

Zhendong He    
Wenbin Yang    
Yanjie Liu    
Anping Zheng    
Jie Liu    
Taishan Lou and Jie Zhang    


Ensuring the safety of transmission lines necessitates effective insulator defect detection. Traditional methods often need more efficiency and accuracy, particularly for tiny defects. This paper proposes an innovative insulator defect recognition method leveraging YOLOv8s-SwinT. Combining Swin Transformer and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) enhances the model?s understanding of multi-scale global semantic information through cross-layer interactions. The improved BiFPN structure in the neck achieves bidirectional cross-scale connections and weighted feature fusion during feature extraction. Additionally, a new small-target detection layer enhances the capability to detect tiny defects. The experimental results showcase outstanding performance, with precision, recall, and mAP reaching 95.6%, 95.3%, and 97.7%, respectively. This boosts detection efficiency and ensures high accuracy, providing robust support for real-time detection of tiny insulator defects.

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