Risk Awareness for Vietnamese?s Life Insurance on Financial Protection: The Case Study of Daklak Province, Vietnam

Tran Thi Lan    


This paper aims to identify risk awareness through factors that influence the intention to buy people?s life insurance in Daklak province of Vietnam and provide implications for life insurance companies. The data resources were conducted from the survey of 250 people in Daklak Province and applied the ordinal logit model for the analysis. Remarkably, as we conducted the study during the COVID-19 pandemic period, a dummy variable of COVID-19 was included in the analysis. The results of this research have some similarities and differences with other studies. As with the references, saving motivation was the most crucial factor affecting the dependent variable. Saving motivation, financial literacy, brand name, and risk awareness have a positive impact. While age and gender were differences that have a negative effect on the intention to buy life insurance, which means that young people and women have more intention to purchase life insurance than younger men. The four factors consisting of financial literacy, brand name, risk awareness, and gender were considered the second most important factors. COVID-19 and attitude were the third critical effect on the intention to purchase life insurance. Income was the less important factor.

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