The Impact of Financial Derivatives on the Enterprise Value of Chinese Listed Companies: Moderating Effects of Managerial Characteristics

Ao Yang    
Wenqi Li    
Brian Sheng Xian Teo and Jaizah Othman    


Corporate managers are the central figures of corporate activity who can control the strategic direction of companies. The company?s use of financial derivatives can avoid risks and has an important impact on the value of the company. This study examines A-share listed firms in Shanghai over the period 2011?2020, uses an OLS panel and a moderating effects model, and investigates the impact of financial derivatives on firm value from the perspective of managers? characteristics. We find that financial derivatives can significantly increase the enterprise value of Chinese listed companies, while exchange rate derivatives have a stronger impact on enterprise value. We also find that the higher the proportion of managers who hold shares and have a financial background, the better the effect of firms using financial derivatives. These research results are of great significance to the application of financial derivatives and provide companies with risk management decisions after COVID-19.

pp. 0 - 0

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