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Volatility Spillover Effects of the US, European and Chinese Financial Markets in the Context of the Russia?Ukraine Conflict

Mohamed Beraich    
Karim Amzile    
Jaouad Laamire    
Omar Zirari and Mohamed Amine Fadali    


The present study aims to investigate the volatility spillover effects in the international financial markets before and during the Russia?Ukraine conflict. The subject of this paper is the study of the influence of the recent war between Russia and Ukraine on the transmission of volatility between the American, European and Chinese stock markets using the DY methodology. The sample period for daily data is from 1 June 2019 to 1 June 2022, excluding holidays. The volatility spillover index increased during the war period, but this increase remains insignificant compared to that recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. According to the empirical results, we also found varying levels of dependence and spillover effects between the European, American and Chinese stock indices before and during the Russia?Ukraine conflict.

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Revista: Jurnal Economia