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Roadmap for Implementing Business Intelligence Systems in Higher Education Institutions: Systematic Literature Review

Romeu Sequeira    
Arsénio Reis    
Paulo Alves and Frederico Branco    


Higher education institutions (HEIs) make decisions in several domains, namely strategic and internal management, without using systematized data that support these decisions, which may jeopardize the success of their actions or even their efficiency. Thus, HEIs must define and monitor strategies and policies essential for decision making in their various areas and levels, in which business intelligence (BI) plays a leading role. This study presents a systematic literature review (SLR) aimed at identifying and analyzing primary studies that propose a roadmap for the implementation of a BI system in HEIs. The objectives of the SLR are to identify and characterize (i) the strategic objectives that underlie decision making, activities, processes, and information in HEIs; (ii) the BI systems used in HEIs; (iii) the methods and techniques applied in the design of a BI architecture in HEIs. The results showed that there is space for developing research in this area since it was possible to identify several studies on the use of BI in HEIs, although a roadmap for its implementation was not identified, making it necessary to define a roadmap for the implementation of BI systems that can serve as a reference for HEIs.

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