Effect of Service Quality and Price Perception on Corporate Image, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty among Mobile Telecommunication Services Provider

Bambang Hermawan    
Salim Basalamah    
Asdar Djamereng    
Annas Plyriadi    


This study aimed to analyze the effect of service quality and price to corporate, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty of mobile telecommunications services in the city of Makassar. Research conducted on customers of mobile telecommunications services by setting a sample of 225 respondents. Data were analyzed using Structural Equation Model (SEM) through Analysis of Moment Structures (AMOS) Ver. 21. The results showed that the quality of the service directly positive and significant effect on corporate image and customer satisfaction. Service quality has a positive and insignificant effect on customer loyalty. Price perception has a positive and significant effect on corporate image, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Corporate image has a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction. Corporate image has a positive and insignificant effect on customer loyalty.

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