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Workplace Spirituality vs. Work Life Balance: A Philosophical Approach

Neyha Malik    
Anoop Krishna Saxena    


According to a recent survey, the current life expectancy in India is only 67.9 years and in comparison to countries like Japan, USA, China, and Malaysia we are far below the expectations. In this short span of time how much time we spend working and how much time we are left with for the ones we love, friends, family, and also our self. Is it balanced? If not, what can we change? How can one succeed in career and still live balanced live? Everyone has to realize that balance is not a destination; it is an ongoing journey. Gratitude, meditation, kindness, positivity, spiritual awakening, physical, mental, and social well-being are the keys to happiness and fulfilling life.There are many karmic relationships in our circle of lives that need to be strengthened and also to eliminate bad relations from our sphere so that we get meaning to life and a good work-life balance. The greatest karmic connection is that with God. This connection is called Spirituality.In this conceptual paper, the authors have tried to build the relationship between work place spirituality and work-life balance. The findings have suggested that a significant relationship between spiritual competences with work life balance exists. There is a need to strengthen a system of spiritual practice with work place activities to revitalize the organizational and personal goals.After review of extensive literature it has been analyzed that workplace spirituality is associated with work-life balance and helps to balance the level of mental and physical work at home as well as job among employees. Researchers such as Douglas Hicks, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies and Religion at the Jepson School of Leadership Studies, University of Richmond suggest that workplace spirituality involves adherence to a particular way of thinking about self, work, and organizations. (Hicks, Douglas, 2003). Rego and Pina e Cunha (2008) in their study found that when an individual?s spiritual needs are fulfilled along with other needs the person will derive greater work-life balance.

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