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Mariusz Jedlinski    
Magdalena Malinowska    
Andrzej Rzeczycki    


The aim of the article is to present the idea, design and implementation of the project LogLab ? the Laboratory of Logistics Research and Analysis, as well as analysis and evaluation of the obtained by the students learning results within various education levels of logistics on the Faculty of Management and Economics of Services of the University of Szczecin. The authors propose a holistic approach based on the synthesis of intentions (learning concepts) and learning outcomes, regarding it as a creative alternative that does not exclude other possibilities and ways of accomplishing similar projects, but in its intellectual differentiation, complements other applied ways of projecting intentions, implemented didactic processes and utilized for their purposes tools and methods. They assume, that the basic problem in the preparation, implementation and validation of the usability of such projects is to identify the universal and unique characteristics that can more deeply describe the utility of this proposal oriented on education of the future logistics professionals for the local, national and international labor market. The conducted considerations lead to the conclusion that the attempt was successful, as it enabled more complex integration the epistemological layer in the field of directional use of logistics with the practice of controlling the logistics processes, however indicated the existence of many similarities, as well as important differences with the phenomena that were characteristic to the other areas of specialized education. 

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