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Investigating the effects of 5G communication networks on smarting the urban management and sustainable economic development

Ronak Zobeyri    


This article, with a global view, explains the necessity of using smart urban technologies in the development of the infrastructure of ICT networks and in order to resolve the urban management challenges. Also, by reviewing some smart models in current modern cities, along with new generations of high-speed communications, some of the improvements made in this field are being examined. The economic view in this research has a global approach to saving energy and increasing productivity while protecting natural resources and the environment through emerging communications technologies. At the end of this research, by challenging some traditional and costly methods in urban management, it is proposed to provide technological solutions to save time and money, as well as urban beautification and urbanization. With the hope that the findings of this study, though insignificant, will be the light on urban planning and urban considerations to integrate smart city technologies. It should be noted that the potential of the policymakers in the near future will be effected by creating an appropriate environment for sustainable development of the economy in national dimensions.

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