Grazyna Chaberek-Karwacka    


Cities nowadays, ?contaminated? with motorization have become an area of contradictory traits: on the one hand, they are still centers of economic and social development, on the other hand their space has become unfriendly and even dangerous to residents and users. In the face of such problems, solutions must be taken to transform the cities? spaces into friendly and livable along with improving the quality of citizens? life. Unfortunately, the simplest and cheapest solutions can even have the opposite effects if they lead only to limiting the free flows of resources within urban space. The aim of the article is the comparative analysis of two cities Gdansk and Gothenburg to demonstrate the differences in the streets structure of both cities, and to demonstrate the solutions which make up Gothenburg?s public space, indeed public, and thus allow to all users for coexistence without limiting logistics of economics and social processes. Comparative analysis was done using a local vision and analysis of available literature sources. The article presents the infrastructure?s and organizational solutions used at the center of Gothenburg. Comparative analysis showed the differences in space with similar functions in Gdansk and Gothenburg. Analysis showed how people function within the space unfriendly for pedestrians and how space can change in favor of the inhabitants without losing its functions after applying various infrastructural and organizational solutions. 

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