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Modeling and Simulation of the Anticipated Effects of the Synchronous Condenser on an Electric-Power Network with Participating Wind Plants

Famous O. Igbinovia    
Ghaeth Fandi    
Ibrahim Ahmad    
Zdenek Muller and Josef Tlusty    


Installing a synchronous condenser (SC) onto an electricity grid can assist in the areas of reactive power needs, short-circuit strength, and, consequently, system inertia and guarantees better dynamic voltage recovery. This paper summarizes the practical potential of the synchronous condenser coordinated in an electric-power network with participating wind plants to supply reactive power compensation and injection of active power at their point of common coupling; it provides a systematic assessment method for simulating and analyzing the anticipated effects of the synchronous condenser on a power network with participating wind plants. A 33-kV power line has been used as a case study. The results indicate that the effect of the adopted synchronous condenser solution model in the MATLAB/Simulink environment provides reactive power, enhances voltage stability, and minimizes power losses, while the wind power plants provide active power support with given practical grid rules.

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