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Situational Analysis on Access of Livelihood Capitals in Livelihoods of Poor Households

Rubavel M    


Poverty is one of the major problem of developing countries, the United Nation organization taken up eliminating poverty is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The poverty has been addressed through various approaches, methods, schemes and programmes schemes in the past. This paper proposes a new dimension to address the poverty reduction and through promoting the livelihood for the poor households. The lacks of capitals are one of the major problems to start livelihood activities. The livelihood activities of poor households depend on the availability of livelihood capitals as a starting point, Poor households used to combine the resource run their livelihood activities, Livelihood capitals are important for running the livelihood activities. The availability and accessibility of livelihood capitals for poor households help to build up their livelihood activities. Livelihood capitals are such as natural, physical, human, financial and social capital. The improvement in these livelihood capitals can improve the livelihood outcomes. The accesses to these livelihood capitals are important in promoting and sustaining livelihood activities. Access to credit is one of the most important would help to come out of poverty. This paper explores the availability and accessibility of livelihood capital for the poor households and presents the empirical study conducted among 503 rural poor households who were involved in the livelihood activities of in Alathur Block of Perambalur District, Tamil Nadu, India.

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