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Status of Growth-Oriented Women Entrepreneurs in Indian Unorganized Sector

Sakshi Saini    


Women in India are still struggling for financial independence. Females in India accounted for 48%, but their participation in the workforce is 26% (The Hindu, 2018). A significant proportion of the female labour workforce is engaged in the unorganized sector. The main reason for it is the informal sector flexibility to handle both work and household activity. In the Informal sector, enterprises are categorized as Own Account Enterprise (OAE, Enterprise do not hire any worker) and Establishments (enterprises which do hire any worker on a fairly regular basis). Many researchers referred to establishments as 'opportunity-Driven Enterprise' and 'Growth-oriented enterprise.' This paper will be focused on the status of Female-owned Established Enterprises all over the Indian states and in Manufacturing, Trade, and Other Services sector in India. This study is based on NSS 73rd round (2015-16). Most of the research on female entrepreneurs focused on their participation in Own Account Enterprises. This study is way forward to other studies because it focuses on growth-oriented enterprises than Necessity- Driven Enterprises, i.e., OAE.

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