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Investigation of Particle-Related Clogging of Sustainable Concrete Pavements

Aryssa Kathreen Marcaida    
Tan Hung Nguyen and Jaehun Ahn    


Permeable pavement has been considered an effective low impact development (LID) strategy in attempts to mitigate the environmental impacts of natural surface depletion brought about by urbanization. A concern associated with the pavement’s hydraulic performance is its sensitivity to clogging. This study aims to investigate the permeability reduction due to particle-related clogging of pervious concrete (PC), a type of sustainable pavement surface. Permeability tests revealed that the flow within PC samples shows turbulence, and a nonlinear relationship between discharge velocity and hydraulic gradient is necessary to measure the permeability coefficient. Permeability loss due to particle-clogging is influenced by the size of both PC aggregates and clogging particles. Clogging with graded sand particles causes more severe reduction compared to single-sized sands.

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