Supply of air transport services in Poland in 2017

Dariusz Tloczynski    


Air transport is an important element in shaping the competitiveness of regions. Regional authorities, airport owners, are keen to develop an air transport service. The economic potential of the region, its infrastructure, its air transport policy, and the availability of human and capital resources have increased the interest of air carriers to enter new markets or develop in their existing markets. Flexibility of transportation services, contributes to continuous monitoring of the market not only in terms of demand but also supply with historical data and development perspectives.The main aim of the article is a preliminary analysis of the supply of air transport in Poland. In the study, the author has characterized the supply in the global air transport market, presented the supply representatives in Poland, and in the last part analyzed the network of air connections in Poland in the third week of June 2017.Flight schedules are changed twice a year, but to create a representative airtime season is generally accepted for the third decade of June. When analyzing the presented data, the author used a comparative and descriptive method. The conclusions of the analyzes are presented in the last part of the article.

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