The Predictors of Career Success

Adel Ali Yassin Alzyoud    


This study was carried out to examine the relationship between career commitment, career values perceived organizational support and career success. Using convenient sampling, data was gathered using 291 questionnaires. Correlation and regression analysis were performed to determine the significance of the independent variables, career values and perceived organizational support on career success.  Analysis of the data revealed that career commitment, career values and perceived organizational support have significant but moderate relationship with career success. The findings show that variables, that is, career commitment, career values and perceived organizational support influence approximately 61 percent variance on career success. This means there other factors that could not be explained by this study that determine career success. Future research  should  look  at other  variables  such  as  human  capital,  socio-demographic  status  and  stable  individual difference that might influence career success.Keywords: career commitment, career values, perceived organizational support, career successJEL Classifications: L2, L22, L25

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