Mechanism for the implementation of public-private partnership during management of marketing activity of enterprises in the coal mining industry

Yuliya Zaloznova    
Nataliia Trushkina    


Performance features of coal mining enterprises in terms of organization of the marketing activity have been studied, including: constant fluctuations of the market of coal products; economic sensitivity to the irregular demand for coal (surplus or deficit), influence of seasonal factors on the formation of the material flow of coal products; uneven development of consumption and production of coal in Ukraine; reduction of volumes of marketable and sold coal products, increase of coal in stock in the national coal mining enterprises; differentiation of consumers by different categories; direct supply of coal products is the best distribution channel; change of contractual relations between the enterprise and consumers of coal products; debts for the sold coal products; restriction of financial resources of national coal enterprises. The mechanism of implementation of public-private partnership is improved during management of marketing activity of coal mining enterprises of different forms of ownership based on a syndicate as a form of business, which shall contribute to a prompt response to changes in demand for coal, distribution of risks between coal enterprises of public and private sectors and their minimization, organization of continuous supply and secured channels of distribution of coal products for national coal-mining enterprises.

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