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Milena Nedeljkovic Knezevic    
Maja Mijatov    
Aleksandra Dragin    
Sladjana Nedeljkovic    


Awareness regarding the increasing importance of human resources for achieving the organizational competitiveness on the market became an integral part of modern economy, where people, together with their knowledge and skills, represent strategic organizational resource. The aim of this research is to assess the influence of employees? personality dimensions, according to the ?Big Five? theory, and certain facets of job satisfaction as well as different facets of job satisfaction on the overall assessment of job satisfaction. The influence of respondents? socio-demographic characteristics on the individual facets of job satisfaction is also evaluated. The research results indicated that there is a significant difference in the assessment of individual facets of job satisfaction regarding the respondents? demographic characteristics. Also, statistically significant correlations are found between personality dimensions: ?Extraversion?, ?Openness to new experiences?, ?Conscientiousness?, ?Agreeableness? and ?Neuroticism? and individual facets of job satisfaction. The research results will be beneficial for providing the appropriate guidelines for improvement of human resource management of large organizations, especially in the case of public-owned organizations within the countries facing significant restructuring changes, such as Serbia.

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