BIM, Ontology and Asset Management Technologies on European Highways

Oleg Pokusaev    
Vasily Kupriyanovsky    
Alexander Klimov    
Dmitry Namiot    
Julia Kupriyanovsky    
Eugene Zarechkin    


The paper discusses various European projects for asset management on roads. The subject of consideration is BIM and ontology in the creation and maintenance of projects in the field of construction and operation of roads. Road infrastructure networks are significant assets that are often owned and operated by national road authorities (NRAs). The safe and efficient operation of these networks is based on a system of various types of assets, from the road surface and structures to communication systems, signs, and road markings. These assets are delivered, used, operated, and serviced over time with changing functional requirements. Much attention is paid in the article to the CEDR INTERLINK project, which supports the ontological foundations of asset management of European roads. This project also supports the creation of digital counterparts for managed assets.

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