Gunjan Malhotra    
Ranjana Aggarwal    


E-retailing has emerged as a significant player in the retail industry in India. The major cutthroat competition happens between Flipkart, Amazon, and Snap deal. These merchants have a significant competitive edge on electronic goods over other merchants in Indian online shopping portals. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to understand and analyses the universal perception and satisfaction quotient of customers in India concerning to the purchase of electronic goods via these e-commerce merchants.  We have used hypothesis testing and analysis of variance to understand customer satisfaction and customer perception. The results show that overall customer satisfaction is the highest for Flipkart. Also, the physical appeal and the quality of the product are the main reasons which impact the customer's perception toward not shopping online. This study is original in itself because it is limited to the purchase of electronic goods only from the emerging e-retail merchants-  Flipkart, Snap deal, and Amazon in India.

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