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Issues Affecting the Effectiveness of Rehabilitation Programme in Oke Kura Prison, Kwara State, Nigeria

Kehinde Adekunle Aliyu    
Jamaludin Mustaffa    
Norruzeyati CheMohd Nasir    


Issues affecting the effectiveness of rehabilitation programme of the inmate, have important implications on the public safety after inmates are released from the prison. Many studies have been conducted on prisons environment effects, some investigating disciplinary methods and some exploring rehabilitation managements. Methodical evaluations of those studies, while varying greatly in exposure and method, display remarkable consistency in their overall findings. Administration and permissions, at best, show modest mean decreases in recidivism of inmate and, in some occurrences, have the differing effect and increase re-offense degrees. The way and manner recidivism effects found in studies of rehabilitation treatment, by comparison, are consistently positive and relatively large. There is, however, considerable inconsistency in those effects associated with the rehabilitation treatment, how well it is employed, and the nature of the inmates to whom it is applied. The specific sources of that inconsistency have not been well explored, but some principles for effective rehabilitation have emerged. The rehabilitation treatments generally found effective in research do not characterize existing practice of rehabilitation, and bridging the gap between research and practice residues noteworthy issues.

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