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Antecedents of Work Life Balance: A Study of Healthcare Sector

Parvin Shaikh    
Ujwala Dange    


The nature of their work requires the healthcare professionals to work in shifts, work overtime, report to duty at odd hours, take care of people who are sick and are sometimes terminally ill. Apart from draining them of physical energy, being in contact with such people also has a bearing on their psychological health. Striking a balance between life and work is a daunting task for the healthcare professionals. This study aimed at identifying the determinants of work life balance among Health care professionals, because they play a critical role in determining the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of health care systems. Data was collected from Healthcare Professionals like Physicians, Nurses, Clinical Support Staff and Administrative staff from both the Public and Private Hospitals in Nagpur District using a structured questionnaire. Factor Analysis revealed five factors namely Demographic Factors, Supportive Work Culture, Working Conditions, Work Provisions and Travelling distance from work that significantly affect the Work Life Balance of Healthcare Professionals. These findings will help the Healthcare Organizations to focus on Organizational interventions for helping their employees achieve a balance between the domains of work and life.

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