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Testing MKTOR Scale Properties in Serbian Exporters? Context

Katarina Njegic    
Ines Djokic    
Vesna Milanovic    


Research Question: This paper investigates whether the Narver and Slater?s market orientation scale (MKTOR scale) is reliable, valid and applicable in the Serbian exporters? context. Motivation: Previous studies that examined the applicability of the MKTOR scale report inconsistent results (Matsuno, Mentzer, & Rentz 2005; Ward, Girardi, & Lewandowska, 2006; Rojas-Mendez, & Rod, 2013) and the studies that use MKTOR scale in export performance research are scarce. Therefore, the aim of this paper was to examine psychometric properties of the MKTOR scale based on the data gathered from Serbian exporters. Idea: The core idea of this paper was to empirically evaluate reliability, convergent, discriminant and nomological validity of the the MKTOR scale. Data: In order to collect data for the analysis, an on-line survey was conducted which related to the business year 2017. It involved 60 managers of exporting firms in the Republic of Serbia. Tools: The statistical methods used were exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis and path analysis through partial least squares. Findings: The obtained results indicate that the original the MKTOR scale satisfies the reliability and convergent validity criteria. Since the MKTOR scale did not demonstrate adequate discriminant validity, a refined scale was proposed. The results of the research shown that the MKTOR consists of three separate components that can be used as independent measurement scales. A statistically significant positive relationship was found between market orientation measured with the MKTOR scale and the overall satisfaction with export performance, which demonstrates the nomological validity of the examined scale. The obtained results contribute to the external validation of the MKTOR scale. The results are valuable since they provide researchers from Serbia with the reliable measurement instrument that can be used for the empirical investigation of market orientation and its various influential factors. Contribution: This paper contributes to the existing literature by providing the evidence from the context in which the scale was not tested before. The paper demonstrates the usefulness of the MKTOR scale in predicting export performance. This paper expands the existing research related to the applicability of the MKTOR scale and it formulates practical suggestions of the way market orientation can be operationalized in export performance research.


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