Effect of Communication, Governance and Financial Capability on Service Quality and Lecturer Performance

Syahrir DM    
Murdifin Haming    
Zainuddin Rahman    
Junaiddin Zakaria    


The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of communication, governance and financial capacity on service quality and lecturer performance. The population in this study is 2,381 lecturers in Makassar area, slovin formulation was used to obtain 342 lecturers as a sample. Data from the questionnaires were analyzed using Structural Equation Model using AMOS Ver. 18. The study found that the communication and governance positive and significant effect on service quality, financial capability has a negative and no significant effect on service quality. Communication and financial capability has a positive and significant effect on lecturers performance, while the governance positive and insignificant effect on lecturers performance.  Service quality has a positive and significant effect on lecturers? performance. Indirectly for variable i.e. service quality as a mediating role has a positive and insignificant in explaining the effect of communication on lecturer performance,  Service quality as a mediating role has a positive and insignificant  in explaining the effect of governance on lecturer performance. On the other section, service quality as a mediating role has a negative and significant in explaining the effect of financial capabilities on lecturer?s performance.

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