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Dr. Kauser Hayat    
Dr. Amir Nadeem    
Dr. Shahid Jan    
Dr. Fayaz Ali Shah    
Wahid Raza    


The current research work is aim to achieve a better understanding of the corporate sector and their adaptation of green strategies in their production and decisions; related to firm performance. This is an effort to check the effects of green marketing strategy on firm performance. The study was grounded on quantitative method to check the framed hypotheses. Survey technique is used to collect the data. 264 respondents were taken into account by using (Krejcie, R. V, & Morgan, D. W., 1970) formula of sample determination and allocation. Purposive sampling technique with five-point Likert scale was utilized for data assortment. PCA were used to assess the unifactoriality of the variables. Structure Equation Modeling was used to check the hypothesized relationship b/w dependent and independent variables. Findings of the study suggests that green trust and conserver?s awareness are positively correlated to firm performance with significant P-value <.05.- The current research study can help managers and owners of the firms in identifying best solutions for replacing conventional activities used from the place of production to place of consumption.

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