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Multi-Level System of Indicators on the Activity of Innovative Technology Parks in the Sectors of Information and Knowledge Economy

Alovsat Garaja ALIYEV    


This paper reviews the issues of multi-level system of indicators on the activity of innovative technology parks in the sectors of information and knowledge economy. The economic system of developed and developing countries is primarily based on natural and material resources. At the next stage of development, a new innovative economy based on information, knowledge, and ICT is formed through the resource advantages. In such conditions, the main economic development growth is realized in innovative technoparks. The foundations of scientific and methodological development of composite indicator system are explored, in this regard. The stages of development of hierarchical indicators system, requirements posed to them, their generalized composition and content are shown. Main group of indicators characterizing the activity of technology parks separately and its relevant function are defined. A system of multi-level composite indicators integratively reflects the main level and the lower levels coming after it. Indicators system includes the main composite index and 10 sub-indices of technoparks. Composite index contains sub-indices of significance and scalability, infrastructure and information provision, favorable business environment, investment-financial reserves and material-technical resources, innovative potential, activeness and environment, human resources and professional staff training, scientific-research, experimental developments and innovative projects, innovation products and services, effective management and creative results, socio-ecological development. The study presents the stages of successive formation of indicators and variables upon which main indices and sub-indices of technology parks functionally depend. Directions of future research are identified on the basis of indicators.

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