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Assessing critical success factors for project alliance among contractors in Nigerian Construction industry

Ebunoluwa Bimbola Akinrata    


Contracting firms in Nigerian Construction industry require different techniques, knowledge, assets and capabilities with the end goal to rival each other effectively. Vision, resources, assets, abilities should be created inside, or got by means of a progressive association with another contracting firm using project alliance. The utilization of project alliances in construction industry has expanded pointedly throughout the most recent years and they are especially viable in helping contracting firms to keep up an unrivaled aggressive position in unique situations. Be that as it may, many contractors think that it?s hard to alliance with other individual contractors in accomplishing certain objectives. By so doing, this paper has drawn a survey study on the critical success factors for project alliance among contractors in Nigerian Construction industry which will reflect more on how useful project alliance is in the real practices among contractors in the construction industry. It was uncovered in the findings that if mutual-trust can be realized, the project alliance is likely to be successful among construction contractors in Nigeria.  It was additionally uncovered in the findings that best contracting approach for Nigerian contractors in the construction industry is for them to share and transfer much of the risk among themselves in order to achieve successful project alliance. Moreover, Government support and contract binding will enhance the project alliances among contractors. The study recommends that contractors should try to devote considerable time to plan thoroughly to achieve successful project alliance; quality understanding, communication between contractors will help to dissolve mistrust and doubt; federal government should encourage project alliance between contractors with solid contract bindings.

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