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Student perception of usefulness and ease using Kahoot, a free web-based tool in a tertiary education setting

Adeleye Idowu    
Muesser Nat    
Philip Siaw Kissi    


 Kahoot is a free web-based application, which allows tertiary educators to incorporate gamified learning environments in tertiary teaching and learning. However, there is a shortage of literature on student acceptance and effective use in a learning environment. Therefore, this paper added system interactivity, task-technology and learning-game conflict factor into the Technology Acceptance Model to investigate students intention and usage of Kahoot. Structural Equation Modelling SEM using LISREL was employed to analyze data collected from 250 randomly selected university students. The questionnaires were carried out at the end of the semester, after their final examinations. The results revealed that system interactivity has positive influence (ß = 0.311, p = 0.000) on perceived usefulness of Kahoot, while task-technology fit has influence (ß = 0.173, p = 0.001) on Kahoot usage. Furthermore, findings show that learning-game conflict has (ß = 0.096, p = 0.031) positive influence on student behavioral intention. The findings serve as a guide for planning, designing and implementing Kahoot to foster university students? knowledge acquisition. Discussion and conclusion were provided.

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