Effects of tax sheltering on earnings management in Nigeria

Ifeanyi Francis Osegbue    
Austin Nweze    
Meshack Ifurueze    
Chizoba Mary Nwoye    


This study examines how tax sheltering and its interactions with cash effective tax rate, long-term effective tax rate, tax savings, book tax gap, temporary difference of tax shelter and permanent difference of tax shelter impacted the modified Jones earnings model (earnings quality manage-ment) from 2009 to 2016.The study used a sample of all 116 listed companies on the Nigerian stock exchange ranging from all sectors excluding financial services sector due to its reporting system. We concluded that the cash effective tax rate, long term effective tax rate, tax savings temporary and permanent tax difference are insignificant meaning that stakeholders in Nigeria are interested in companies that produce quality financial reports, which clearly shows that there is high earnings manipulation among Nigeria quoted companies as most firms manipulate earnings through abnormal accruals. 

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