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Ultrasound processing of amyloglucosidase: impact on enzyme activity, stability and possible industrial applications

Ariana de Souza Soares    
Bruno Ricardo de Castro Leite Júnior    
Pedro Esteves Duarte Augusto    
Camila Archette Nogueira    
Afonso Mota Ramos    


This study evaluated the effect of ultrasound processing as a pre-treatment of amyloglucosidase on the enzymatic activity and stability. The activity was evaluated under optimal (65°C/ pH = 4.5) and non-optimal conditions of temperature and pH and its stability was evaluated during storage at 8°C. The enzyme solution was processed at 9.5 W L-1, 40 kHz, 23°C and at pH 3.5, 4.5, and 5.5, for up to 120 min. The activity was measured at 35, 65 and 80°C. The US process was able to increase, reduce or not alter the enzymatic activity, depending on the conditions applied. These modifications depended on the pH of the enzyme solution, the ultrasound processing time and the activity temperature. In different ultrasound conditions, mainly at 35 and 65°C, the enzyme activity did not change, demonstrating that this technology can be used for other purposes, such as microbial inactivation, without affecting the enzyme. The activity increase (up to 15%) occurred under non-optimal pH and temperature conditions (pH 3.5 or 5.5/ 80°C), suggesting that ultrasound promoted stabilization and enzymatic protection. This result is interesting in the starch saccharification, which requires the enzymatic reaction at high temperatures. Therefore, such results can increase the application range of this enzyme in different industrial applications.

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