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Ming Kwan    


Using the award-winning management services company, Kai Shing Management Services Limited (KSMS) in Hong Kong as a case study, this research investigates effective green management strategies range from carbon emission reduction, energy-saving, water-saving, waste recycling, indoor air quality management, daily green practices, clubhouse practices and various educative community engagement initiatives that have been adopted in award-winning properties management company in Hong Kong. KSMS is committed to implement environmentally friendly practices to all of sites. So as to encourage customers to participate in green living and bring a positive impact on the environment, people and communities.  Author conducted case study analysis to illustrate the contributing role of properties management company in green management. All those green management strategies have demonstrated the leading and contributing roles of properties management company.  All the management services companies and customers should join hand in hand in daily environmental protection. Originality/Value: This paper urges for the importance of all stakeholders including, government, customers and all management services companies to jointly engage in daily environmental protection for sustainable development. The aim of such an episode is to arouse all stakeholders to take part in environmental protection truly, wholeheartedly and sincerely.  

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