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Enhancing Marketing Capabilities of Light Engineering Industry through Creation of Clusters



This research identifies the scope of enhancing the marketing capability through cluster concept in the light engineering industry (LEI) sub-sector of Bangladesh. This  sector suffers from rudimentary problems that have plagued  it  for years in two fronts e.g., technological deficiencies and marketing inefficiencies. The technological deficiencies are outside the purview of the study, whereas the marketing challenges are at the center of the research. The central hypothesis of the research is, whether cluster creation of small businesses under LEI results in marketing efficiencies. The methodology of the research was designed in line with the hypothesis where the first stage of the research comprised of an exploratory research component and the second stage was a conclusive research in which the insights gained from exploratory research were verified. Factor analysis technique was used for the measurement of internal consistency of answers of the respondents and the results showed high internal consistency. It was found that all seven hypotheses support the proposition, i.e., cluster creation of small businesses under LEI of Bangladesh will enhance marketing capability. Keywords: Marketing Capability, Factor Analysis, Clusters Concepts, Light Engineering Industries 

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