Situational Analysis on Nutritional Status of Adolescent Girls: A Study from Rural Karnataka, India

Rubavel M    
Jonas Richard A    
Winnie Joyce A    


Adolescence is a critical period of life. This is a time of rapid development of the body, brain, and behaviours. They undergo puberty changes and also face difficulties that may affect health throughout life which is a setback for the growth of adolescent girls. It is important to study the nutritional status of adolescent girls. The study has been taken up on the Nutritional aspects of the Adolescent girls to focus on the Socio-Economic conditions of the families, Nutritional intake of the Adolescent Girls, and status of Body Mass Index (BMI) and Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) among the adolescents and to suggest recommendation to improve the Nutritional status of adolescent girls. This study would help to create a positive effect in reducing health problems and bring out strategies to improve the health condition of Adolescent Girls. It would help to create a positive effect on the problem of Maternal Mortality Ratio, Infant Mortality Rate, Neonatal Mortality Rate, and Crude Birth Rate. It may help to reduce the drop-out rate in school as well as in pursuing Higher Education. This study focuses on the situational analysis of the nutritional status of adolescents by measuring the BMI (Body Mass Index) in the rural villages of Karnataka, India, and suggests intervention strategies and proposes policies to enhance the health of the adolescent girls.

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