Taboos of the Ao-Nagas: Change and Continuity

Resenmenla Longchar    
Imchasenla .    


The Ao-Naga is also one of the many tribes from Nagaland, North-east of India. The Ao-Naga tribe itself is not homogenous and is divided into six major clans, followed by many sub-clans. The following clans such as Pongen, Longkumer and Jamir of the Chungli group; Imchen, Walling and Longchar of the Mongsen group form the six major clans. The Ao-Naga tribe form major populace of Mokokchung district. The geographical distribution of the Ao region is bounded by the Tzula River; Sangtam, Chang and Phom tribes on the East; the Lotha tribes, the Assam plains on the west; Konyak tribe in the north and the Sema tribe in the south. The entire Ao territory is divided into six ranges (Tsükong), each having a name comprising of several villages. The ranges run parallel to one another and are called: the Ongpangkong, the Langpangkong, the Asetkong, the Changkikong, the Japukong, the Tsurangkong. The Ao-Naga consists of many villages and many sub-clans where they have their own rules and customary laws. The Aos fall under four language groups representing Mongsen, Chungli, Changki and Sangpur. However the major languages of the Ao-Naga are Mongsen and Chungli.

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