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Bartlomiej Buczek    


This article is dedicated to the role of passenger logistics centers in passenger logistics support systems. Presentations were made through the prism of defining the role of passenger logistics support systems. In today?s conceived economic reality, the rules of logistics also apply to everyday human activities. People have to meet their needs and move around. In this perspective, man becomes a resource. There must therefore be passenger logistics support systems, the key elements of which are passenger logistics centers. They fulfill the key logistic functions and enable the achievement of the logistics objectives (5 ?W?). The article attempts to describe the present and future role of passenger logistics centers. Information on these centers has been collected, based on scientific achievements of specialists in this field (including M. Chaberek), on railway infrastructure managers and on the author?s experience. Finally, conclusions were drawn, in which direction should be assessed both passenger logistics support systems and, above all, passenger logistics centers. An attempt was also made to determine the postulated future role of passenger logistics centers in the logistics system of the country. 

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