A Study on Occupational Stress among Railway Employees with Special Reference to Thrissur Railway Station

Neethu Mohan    
Athira Sivaraman    


Indian railway is one of the income generating industries in India. The industry is a success because of its efficient staff. They are valuable assets of the industry and the key to success. The employees in the Indian railway are experiencing a tremendous amount of pressure at the work place. Increased workloads, overtime, hostile work environment and shift work are just a few causes of stressful working conditions. In such a situation it is necessary to study the occupational stress of railway employees because if not controlled, it can affect the person?s family or social life, health, performance etc. hence in the study an attempt has been made to find out the major sources and causes of stress and gather knowledge about the techniques to lower stress.   The results of the study show that the employees are facing stressful situations in their work place and they are well aware of the techniques to lower stress.

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