Economic and Financial Benchmarking as a Strategic Planning Tool

Carmelo Intrisano    
Anna Paola Micheli    
Anna Maria Calce    
Loris Di Nallo    


This paper aims to propose a new model for estimating companies benchmarking. The model has been applied to the media sector (identified by Industry Classification Benchmark ? ICB with the code 5500 and composed by three subsector with codes: 5553 ? Broadcasting & Entertainment, 5555 ? Media Agencies and 5557 ? Publishing). The model is based on the analysis of the financial and economic area of enterprises that together contribute to the elaboration of a total benchmark.  We collected data for 217 listed companies for a time horizon of ten years (2006-2015). The results show that most of the analyzed companies belong to the best or worst class. Deepening the analysis, the subsector 5555 ? Media agencies has contributed most to the positive performance of the media sector while the subsector 5553 - Broadcasting & Entertainment is the worst. The model, applied to the media industry, can be extended to other sectors and unlisted companies.  Keywords: benchmark, strategy planning, finance.JEL Classification: G

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