Establishing The Link Between Money Laundering And Tax Evasion

Ansia Storm    


No clear link has yet been made between tax evasion and money laundering although many (or all) of the professionals in this field may have already assumed the relation. The aim of the research that was conducted for the purposes of this article was to explore whether there is a clear link between tax evasion and money laundering. This was done by studying the relevant literature available on both subjects. The findings, that there is a clear link between these two offences, were confirmed not only by analyzing definitions but also, and most importantly, by an overview of court cases and the judgments made in these court cases. In theory, the results have proven that one cannot look at money laundering without considering tax evasion as well but tax evasion does not necessarily constitute the act of money laundering. This is of value to the individuals and organizations working in the field of taxation and organized crime, because when prosecuting a perpetrator on a count of money laundering, by adding the charge of tax evasion to his or her charge sheet, it can strengthen the case against the accused.

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