The outlook for the development of the electric car market in Poland until 2025 compared to the Norwegian market

Piotr Dembinski    


The article presents an outlook for the development of electric cars in Poland until 2025. To that end, the situation in Poland will be compared to the situation in Norway. In many scientific papers, little attention was paid to the possibility of developing this technology in Poland because researchers focused mainly on technical issues. In order to determine the current and future situation, two tools will be used: Weight Attractiveness Scores and Three-tiers of Noncustomers. The analyses show that Polish policy is heading in the right direction. However, it is still not enough to become a leader, or a significant member, in implementing this technology, like Norway. Electric cars in Poland will grow at a very rapid pace, however, the dissemination of this product on Polish roads until 2025 is unlikely.electric vehicle

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