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Akeem Tunde Nafiu    
Unekwu Cynthia Alogwuja    
Dare Joseph Enimola    


This study aimed at exploring diversity within the workplace of Small Firms in Kogi State, Nigeria. The study used survey research design. Descriptive statistics, mean score from Likert scale, ANOVA and multiple Regressions were used for data analysis. The study found that age has significant effect on job satisfaction of employees; and that religion, educational background and job experience have strong significant effect on small firms? organizational outcomes in Kogi State. The finding further indicated that gender difference affects organizational performance, job satisfaction, productivity, competitive advantage and customers? satisfaction. The study concluded that age has significant positive effect on job satisfaction; and other factors such as religion, educational background and job experience of employees only affect the performance of small firms in Kogi State positively. This study therefore recommended that owner-managers of small firms should take cognizance of age as it affects job satisfaction of employees; and should strategically manage factors such as religion, educational background and job experience of employees as they affect performance

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