Decomposition of the modern enterprise balanced development ensuring's problem in stakeholder theory context

Valentina Khobta    
Irene Kladchenko    


The paper deals with urgent problems of enterprise?s sustainable development in terms of finding balance between social responsibility, ecological sustainability and economic viability. A modern organization operates in a complicated environment, being characterized with higher degree of social accountability and strict ecological limits. According to this, complexity and multitasking of ensuring balanced development of an enterprise are stressed in the article. A hidden connection between sustainable development and interests balance of company?s stakeholders is highlighted. Based on the advantages of T. Saaty?s AHP approach for solving complicated problems, a five-level hierarchy is formed. The presented decomposition gives the hierarchic understanding, concept and structure of process of ensuring balanced development of an enterprise. A mathematical and graphic description of the impact of each of the separated levels of the problem focus is made.

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