Özlen ÇETIN    


In this study, working conditions of workers and the results of a field study to identify the position within labor relations will be discussed. This study was conducted in Turkey at the factory owned by a multinational  company operating in the automotive industry. During the in-depth interview process, which lasted six months with 181 workers in the factory, surveys and open-ended questions were asked to the workers. Their employment time (seniority), their gender and their responses to the questionnaire were compared.In the research process, 7.2 percent (13 people) of the workers who participated in the interview has an associate degree or above, 32 percent (58 persons) have a general high school degree, 59.7 percent (108 persons) are from industrial vocational high school, 1,1 percent (2 people) graduated from primary school. The sample consisted of 22 women and 159 men. The work was carried out in press-mold, welding, assembly and paint shop lines.In this paper will discuss the results of the survey:  ?Is the quality of the worker appropriate to the nature of the work??, ?Is there a relationship between gender and the nature of work??, ?What are the determinants of employee satisfaction from working conditions??, ?Does adaptation to work decrease as technical knowledge and qualification increase??

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