The Level of Importance of Entrepreneurial Competencies according to Entrepreneurs and Scientists

Benedicta Prihatin Dwi Riyanti    
Angela Oktavia Suryani    
Christine Winstinindah Sandroto    
Silverius Y Suharso    


This study aimed to describe the rank of importance among 13 entrepreneurship competencies and the difference of the rank between entrepreneurs and scientists. About 47 entrepreneurs and 22 scientists gave their evaluation by giving rank from 1 to 13. The Mann-Whitney U-test showed that most of the competencies were perceived important at the same rank by the two groups, except for the competence of "Information seeking" (U-test = 722, p < 0.01; Mrank entrepreneurs = 6.36, Mrank scientist = 9.33). The top three competencies that perceived highly important by both groups are initiative, seeking and utilizing opportunities, and perseverance.

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