Munadhil Alsalim    
Honer Amin    
Ali Youssef    


Under the new worldwide changes that were produced by the economic data and technological revolution, corporate governance considered as one of the modern terms. Its importance increased in the business sector because it plays a role in managing any company, and protecting the shareholders? rights. There are several thoughts on the importance of corporate governance. Some thought that corporate governance is important in the public sector because it influence the economy. Others thought corporate governance is very important in the privet sector. The importance of the term, corporate governance, increased in all institutions and in all advanced and emerging economies in the last few decades especially after the economic and financial crisis that many countries underwent. These crisis affected the global financial market; such as, the crisis in Southeast Asia in 1997. Moreover, many major international companies especially the American companies collapsed in Fall 2008 because they used complex accounting methods in order to hide their loses and manipulate the rights of people; such as, shareholders, lenders, suppliers, and even the civil society. Hence, the governance became one of the important topics that are applied in both privet and public companies. The reason many shareholders lost their trust in the financial market is that companies? managers and auditors concealed the financial and accounting statements that are applied in all kind of companies. Mistrust was created in the financial reports, and it increased anytime one of the huge companies stumbled. Therefore, this study shows the overlapping and reciprocal relationship between corporate governance and the accounting information quality. Apparently, the accounting information is affected by the rules and mechanisms of governance, and applying it means increasing the trustworthy of the accounting information that are included in financial statements that were prepared for all interested parts.

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