City Digital Model: Principles and Approaches to Implementation

Sergei A. Mityagin    
Stanislav L. Sobolevsky    
Andrei I. Drozhzhin    
Dmitri Yu. Voronin    
Vladislav P. Evstigneev    
Natalia P. Sadovnikova    
Danila S. Parygin    
Andrei V. Chugunov    


This paper considered the application of a systems approach to the decomposition and description of a city as a system formed by an urban environment, by people with special features of their behavior in the city as well as urban infrastructure which provide city functioning. The considered approach is used as a methodological basis for the requirements formation for the urban areas development. This allows ensuring the structured and consistent requirements, which is quite an urgent task when planning the urban areas development. The paper shows that the proposed approach can be applied as a basis for building a city digital model, as a tool for solving complex problems of urban development. In particular, an analysis of natural and climatic factors that have a fundamental influence on the smart city construction is provided. It is proposed to use machine-learning methods to form the information basis of a city digital model.

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