Effect of Organizational Commitment, Competence and Good Governance on Employees Performance and Quality Asset Management

Hendra Gunawan    
Murdifin Haming    
Junaiddin Zakaria    
Asdar Djamareng    


This research aims to examine and analyze the influence of organizational commitment, competence and governance to employee performance and quality asset management at the regional Work Units (SKPD) of The Makassar city government. This research is an explanatory research,  by observing cross-section a on the 203 civil servants who work in the 64 Regional Work Units (SKPD SKPD) Government of Makassar, using total sampling as sampling technique. Analysis of Structural Equation Model (SEM) through Analysis of Moment Structures (AMOS) Ver. 18 is used as a data analysis tool.  Hypothesis testing results provide evidence that organizational commitment, competence and good governance has a positive and significant effect on employee performance. Organizational commitments have a negative and significant effect on the quality of asset management. The different results shown on the competence, good governance and employee performance are positive and significant effect on the Quality asset management for local Governments. Organizational commitment and competence indirectly significant effect on the quality asset management for local Governments: The mediating role of employee performance. On the other mediator variable testing, good governance indirectly has a significant effect on the quality of asset management: The mediating role of employee performance.

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