Revisiting Women Empowerment in Modern Era

G. Hassan Lone    
Wakar A. Zargar    


The growth and development of human societies has been diversely analysed across the globe. The distribution and existence of human races and the progress made thereof has put both the genders on the centre stage, where, on one hand men have been shown responsible for major part of development and on the other women as deprived and neglected. This inequality between men and women is probably a most disturbing aspect of many modern societies, though gender inequity is a global phenomenon yet, it is more prominent in developing countries and countries having non-democratic governments. It is most tragic part of human development that major part of female population of present day civilization is facing persistent hunger and abject poverty simply because of their subjugation, marginalization & systematic disempowerment. But of late it is the result of awakening of women?s consciousness which has led women to re-define their roles from a subordinate, dependent and child bearing traditional women to the modern empowered women.

pp. 67 - 70

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