Per Capita Availability of Food Grains and Pressurized Agriculture Economy in the Reform Period in India

Sandipan R. Gavhale    


The purpose of this study was to analyze per capita availability of foodgrains and agriculture system of India. The  agriculture is the backbone of our country, but recently the growth of Indian economy the share of agriculture in GDP has declined over the years and even today?s productivity of some agricultural products are declining in high extent, if compared with like the USA and China and other countries,as well,the present paper is a new attempt to focus on the dichotomy of excess foodgrain production and large-scale subsidized food distribution on the one hand, and huge wastage and millions of hungry families on the other. As well as, it clearly focuses on the issues that Indian government has not given adequate attention to the storage and transportation of foodgrains during the last three decades or so. At this point, the government is caught between huge foodgrain stocks and the states inability to absorb them. India?s agricultural sector is surprisingly fragmented when compared with other countries.

pp. 55 - 66

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