Effect of infrastructure development in the program of simultaneous movement for village development on economic growth

Irwan Effendi    
Leni Sepri Yandi    
Indah Listiana    


The Regency of Tulang Bawang develops a program called Simultaneous Movement for Village Development (Gerakan Serentak Membangun Kampung), that is a movement carried out by, from, and for the community of Tulang Bawang to do the right thing together in an effort to accelerate the development of village infrastructure for economic development of village community. Infrastructure limitation leads to the high poverty rate in rural areas. The study of Simultaneous Movement for Village Development Program or Gerakan Serentak Membangun Kampung (GSMK) aims to assess the effect of Direct Cash Transfer for Community (BLM, Dana Bantuan Langsung Masyarakat), and community initiative in GSMK Program on the economic growth of the community in Tulang Bawang Regency. The type of research applied was quantitative research using multiple regression analysis. This study was conducted using secondary data in 2011-2016 sourced from Lampung dalam angka, the result of previous studies, and other supporting data. Moreover, the data required in this study included the total amount of BLM and community initiative in the GSMK Program conducted in Tulang Bawang Regency, and community initiative. The study conducted in Tulang Bawang Regency showed that: (1) There was significant correlation between Direct Cas Transfer for Community and Community Initiative on Economic Growth Rate of Community; (2) Direct Cash Transfer for Community significantly affected the Gross Regional Domestic Product (PDRB)at confidence level of 99%, and(3) Community Initiative did not significantly affect economic growth rate of community since confidence level only reached a value of 11.5%.

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